Retail hospitality and leisure

Reduce the risk of identity theft

Retail manages a large volume of confidential information such as credit card number & customer/guest information and details. If this information is not handled properly, there is an increased risk of identity theft of your customer’s and employee’s details. Our services help to reduce this risk protecting your retail, hospitality or leisure business from compliance violations.


Increase expensive trading space - optimize your location

We understand that you need to make the best use of your business space resources.

Retail, hospitality & leisure space is expensive. In order to increase profitability, you need the possible space to display your product and services. Our records storage and shredding services help reduce the amount of records that are kept on your site, leaving you with more precious space to utilize and increased informed security.


Security that your records management program is consistent

Ray Infoweb helps you to organize your records management program providing consistency even if you have multiple sites.

A consistent records management program can be tricky, especially if you are operating out of multiple sites. If you have more than one location, then Ray Infoweb representatives will help you establish consistent records management processes and procedures to be used at all locations. Also, if you have a corporate records management program, we will help to make sure you are abiding by it.