Group Development

We are extending our service offering by seeking customer focus and well run records management companies that are considered leaders in their marketplace.


It  provides financial liquidity on flexible terms and the management experience required ensuring the ongoing success of the combined business under the Ray Infoweb Pvt Ltd.brand.


Our qualified management team comprise of successful business operators and entrepreneurs who understand the concerns of both individuals' business owners, family and corporately owned enterprises, including:

  • Avoiding distressed business situations and paying fair value.
  • Providing expert leadership to maintain continuity, retain key personnel and drive long-term growth and success.
  • Working in partnership with existing owners who wish to retain involved in the business.
  • Incorporating the needs of the seller for the purpose of estate planning tax issues and addressing the needs of management and family members who may remain with the company.
  • Being focused on the long-term and looking to promote solid, ongoing relationships with clients, employees and the community.

If you are interested to learn more, for a confidential discussion, please contact us.