Effectively manage large volume of student and employee records

In the education Industry, the volume of student and employee records that must be kept, having a consistent and well-organized records and information management program in place is vital. With large volumes of records kept at multiple sites, it can be a challenge to effectively manage your records. Our teams are trained in handling large volumes of records effectively which will suggest ways to help. Additionally, many school sites and campuses do not have extra space to store large volumes of records. Using Ray Infoweb Information Management they will free up more space for other educational needs.


Establish a records management budget

Ray Infoweb understands that educational systems have to operate within a stringent budget. Ray Infoweb Information Management can work with your educational system to create a records and information management programme that will have a defined budget for the year. You will know how much you are going to spend on records management and will be able to stay within your allocated budget.


Protect your educational system from privacy violations

Due to the sensitive information that is kept within educational systems, strict records and information management policies and procedures must be adhered to.

The regulations for student and employee privacy greatly increase the need to have an established records and information management program. Ray Infoweb maintains current on the latest records and information management policies and procedures and we incorporate the highest records and information management industry standards into our services.